Bulk Email Marketing Services

Internet retailers, corporate email marketers, agencies and other large volume senders need email automation to increase ROI from email campaigns. Campaigner’s robust, feature-rich email automation capabilities will help convert your email campaigns into more revenue with less effort.

Even with our rapid advancements in web design, social media and mobile apps, email is still the go-to electronic marketing communication medium for the majority of companies around the world. And with good reason: bulk email marketing is smart, cost-effective advertising that converts more often than most forms of traditional marketing. Marketing with email is direct, allows fine segmentation of messages to your audiences, is trackable with in-depth analytics and is relatively inexpensive to deploy when compared with other forms of direct mass communication. But none of that potential can be realized if your messages don’t reach the inboxes of your audience. With TEJARAT’s marketing email services, there are two great ways to have us deliver your messages.


1. Easy email automation with workflows
2. Superior list segmentation & reporting
3. Robust autoresponders & drip marketing
4. Powerful API integration into your existing data systems
5. Industry-leading A/B Split Testing
6. Reach email contacts and deliver your message more efficiently and with greater success using static and dynamic segmentation.
7. Track campaign success with robust reporting on deliverability, clicks, bounce rate, SPAM, social sharing, and other relevant statistics.
8. Workflows make it easy to send highly targeted, timely, automated email campaigns to subscribers, based on a time, date, event, or action.
9. Drive more business from email marketing with our powerful API integration and analyze “Big Data” results to improve your campaigns.
10. Bulk import customers and prospects, upload web forms, and use custom fields to better target campaigns and increase customer lists.
11. Send more targeted, ROI generating email campaigns based on subscriber actions and buying behavior, like - products purchased and more.
12. Send email campaigns that get results using over 700 templates or customize campaigns to represent your brand.
13. Create more effective email marketing campaigns with such advanced features as suppression lists, deliverability reporting and social sharing.
14. Quickly and easily track and report on transactional emails, as well integrate with promotional emails to create more effective revenue-generating campaigns.

Packs Validity Support Webpanel & Setup Fee Quantity Amount in USD
Starter 30 Days 24x7 Free 100000 $100
SME 30 Days 24x7 Free 200000 $200
Corporate 30 Days 24x7 Free 500000 $450
Enterprise 30 Days 24x7 Free 1 Million $850

Our deliverables for Email Marketing Services

1.     One web based email application with certain user Id & Password for sending the bulk promotional emails
2.     Web application user manual (PPT File)
3.     Web application video tour guide (YouTube video link)
4.     Email sending speed 2000-8000 / hour depend upon server size purchased
5.     Application has the feature of create contact list, email campaign (HTML, TEXT, IMAGE) View and Download of email open report, delivery report, link report, bounce report with reason & unsubscribe report.
6.     We commit for 100% email delivery on recipient server in case of active Email id’s
7.     Email attachment feature does not support in the email application
8.     We do not guarantee for inbox / Spam / Junk / Promotions folder delivery (Please read below note carefully)
9.     Email open rate can vary from 0.5% - 50% in case of opt-in / active email id’s (Please read below note for opt-in)
10.  The email application / user can be blocked any time without any prior notice, in case we found any Scam / fraudulent activity in sending the emails
11.  The email sending can be blocked any time in case the server received more than 5% report as a spam from the users
12.  Email application / user shall get expired automatically upon reaching the validity end date
13.  Email sending facility is available on our web application as well as third party applications
14.  User accont shall be created within 4-6 hours post payment is reflected in our bank account / wallet
15.  A complete 24*7 support shall be provided to the user within the validity of services
16.  Company shall not provide you the database (Online information) along with this email credits
17.  Company shall not provide you any email templates along with this SMTP Server. It is completely user’s responsibility
18.  In case of server down / blacklisted (by sending high spamming emails) company shall re-create user account within 24 hours (not more than 2 times in a month)
19.  Company shall not be responsible for any data loss of the user in case of server down / blacklisted due to heavy spamming
20.  Company is not responsible for hard bouncing / soft bouncing from your list, it is completely depnds upon the email list accuracy
21. Please warm-up your Email server by sending 10%, 20%, 20%, 40%, 100% of daily sending limits in Day1, Day2, Day3, Day4, Day5 and so on respectively.

Reason of email delivery in spam folder: - Spam content/ word in the email body or subject line, multiple hyperlinks, images size more than 100KB, bulk email on a single domain/ recipient server, repeated email contents, promotional email sending to un opt-in (fresh contacts) also majorly it depends upon recipient server’s (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, Aol) decision to deliver the received email into the spam or inbox folder.

What is opt-in-email: -
If an Email being sent from a server and the recipient email ids has verified or replied to the sender on the same email id then it is called opt-in email id for the particular email server not for any other email server.

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