SMTP Server

Email SMTP Server

An Email SMTP Server used for sending and receiving emails. To deliver the right email to the right inbox, it makes use of MTA (Mail Transfer Agent). At simple it is being used for sending the message from one server to another server. Tejarat Marketing is one of the Best Smtp Server Provider in India, UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, France UAE. Generally, SMTP is being used to promote any product or services or send the newsletter to their own subscribers.

Tejarat Marketing SMTP means utmost solid and reliable – An outgoing email service needs to be carefully set up and properly maintained to be capable of performing. 99% uptime – It makes you confident that email will still be sent even during major internet outage. there is deep insight of reporting. Tejarat takes care of all the technical aspects of email delivery.

Our Services Offerings

Inbox Delivery
Whitelisted IP
Unsubscribes Removal
Multiple User account
IP Management
24x7 Tech support
SMTP Scanner
Export Delivered Emails

Our Process

Workshops: Concept & Strategy
Guidance for best practices
Content Checklist
Email lead accuracy
SMTP Configuration
SMTP Quality Check
IP Warm-up
Basic guidance for best delivery
Schedule Checking of IP

Our USPs


Stats and Reporting

Our web-based Control Panel gives you access to real-time reporting for your account and the ability to download statistics data into a standard CSV format for easy viewing or importing.

High Inboxing %

We do generally configure the servers according to client’s requirement and ROI expectations. Accordingly, we guide customers for best practices to get maximum inboxing and Email leads check listing.

Data Security

We respect your database and its privacy, we provide a very strict security to the customer that their account data or email list is completely safe within the user account only. And accordingly, we organize quarterly audit for it to ensure all user’s security & privacy are maintained well.


Our Service and Support

We have both computer monitoring and dedicated support staff that constantly keeps track of your account and resolves any problems immediately if they arise, usually before you realize the problem was there.

Plan Flexibility

Business needs changing? You can switch to a smaller or larger plan at any time from within your TEJARAT-SMTP Email. Just an email request away.


More than 5 years of strong experience in SMTP Server configuration and delivery, we understand challenges of right inboxing and we get a regular update on any anti-spamming and new server policies or behaviors. Based on such huge experience we maintain a very good checklist before any SMTP delivery.


High Speed delivery

We do provide upto 10K emails per hour from a single IP. We do understand customer’s campaign urgency and accordingly we increse the IP in case of more speed is required to deliver the Ad-hoc campaign.

Live Server Report

Our technology offers you to monitor your live delivery report to get better email delivery and correspondence support (if needed).


We are known for best quality SMTP server configuration and IP management with robust technology support. We maintain a schedule checklist for IP blacklisting, delivery quality, Server blacklisting, application bugs removal and many more task.


Best Practices

List Hygiene
Monitor bounce Notifications
Remove inactive email address
Have Unsubscribe feature in mail
Use double Opt-in subscriber list
Avoid using spam content
Avoid multiple hyperlinking
Use fresh SMTP Server

Our Packages

SMTP Server



- Email Capacity : 1Mn

- Validity : 30 Days

IP Reputation & Rotation :  2 times

SMTP Server



-Email Capacity : 2Mn

- Validity : 30 Days

IP Reputation & Rotation :  4 times

SMTP Server



-Email Capacity : 4Mn

Validity : 30 Days

IP Reputation & Rotation :  6 times

SMTP Server



-Email Capacity : 8Mn

Validity : 30 Days

IP Reputation & Rotation :  8 times

SMTP Server



-Email Capacity : 10Mn

Validity : 30 Days

IP Reputation & Rotation :  10 times