Refund & Cancellation Policy

Thank you for Choosing at Please take your time to read refund & cancellation carefully. This consists of Refund & Cancellation of our website
We do not issue refunds for digital services once you have confirmed and ordered our services, or the services that you have ordered are in the planning phase. And refund for the services which have been already completed cannot be refunded in any circumstances.
Digital Marketing services along with SEO services whose packages once bought cannot be refunded. But, you can cancel such services by giving notice written and sent to us 30 days in advance so that we can provide you with a solution.
Under no circumstances refund and cancellation will be provided for projects which are abandoned and have shown no progress . The near cancellation time will be 30 days for abandoned projects.
Once your cancellation is approved you have to pay a fee of 25%. The condition of cancellation and fee cut will depend if you have cancelled the project or its any components. reserves the rights to change payment terms if needed at any time during the project. If you have any issues and query or if you have found any information hard to understand please feel free to click on contact us or mail us on